Frequently Asked Questions

what can bernie be hired for? 

We’ve designed and constructed Bernie's beautiful interior to be as flexible as possible, meaning we can provide both a Café and/or Bar service at your upcoming event. Bernie is the perfect addition to weddings, corporate events, business launches, private parties, markets, festivals & public events. He is also available to hire for promotional work, and as an extra or feature in photo/film shoots.

If you think Bernie would make a great addition to your upcoming event, feel free to get in touch with us through our contact form  

what's included with your cafe hire packages?

Bernie has been fitted out more like a Melbourne cafe’ than a typical coffee van. Check out our café hire page for more information on this service, what's included in our base package, and any additional extras you might like to add.


For private events we take bookings at an agreed fixed fee, however for public events such as festivals we would charge per unit to the customer. Feel free to contact us through our ‘contact’ form and we can get to know a little more about your event and how we can be a part of it!   


what's included with your bar hire packages?

When booking Bernie for a bar service, the package will always include at least 2 x RSA qualified bartenders, Bernie, glassware, liquor licence application, eskies, tubs, ice for service and all associated bar equipment. The service time and amount of staff required will depend on your event and the number of guests in attendance. There are a number of optional extras that can be added to this, such as cocktails, coffees, lawn games and additional staff.


Check out our ‘bar hire’ page for more information on our standard bar hire service, and our 'wedding hire' page for information on our comprehensive wedding bar packages for your big day.

can big shot provide the alcohol?

Big Shot does not provide the alcohol for our bar service hire. All of our events operate on a BYO basis (except for cocktails).

We ask that all alcohol for the event is provided by the client. The means you're in complete control of what drinks you'd like served and it also keeps the total costs down as you're sourcing it at the best price. If you're unsure about how much alcohol to buy for your event we're here to help, and can advise on quantities based on guest numbers and demographic.  

If cocktail service is requested for your booking, we will purchase and bring all of the spirits, liqueurs, mixers, garnishes, syrups, glassware and other ingredients required for your cocktail selections. These costs will be included within our cocktail package, and will depend on the types of cocktails and quantity required for your event. We love getting creative with cocktails too, so if you have any special requests let us know and we can work with you to design your own unique cocktail menu.


We ask that beers, ciders, white wines, sparkling and any mixers are stored in a cool room/fridge to ensure they are cold and ready for service when we arrive. Please note that rubbish/recycling removal of all empty beer & wine bottles is not included with our service due to limited space in our Van - this will need to be arranged with the venue directly.

how big is bernie? 

Bernie is a big boy, measuring 5m long x 2.2m wide x 2.4m high.

We need a minimum clear space of 7m length x 4.2m wide x 2.5m height to set up/operate within. This allows for sufficient space for all of our doors/hatches to open, additional supply space on the right side of van, and enough circulation space for guests to congregate around the left side of the van where the service hatch opens from.


If you’re interested in booking Bernie for your private event, we’d need to confirm some additional details like site access & conditions before committing, to ensure we’ll be able to get him into your party zone.


where is big shot located, and how far do you travel? 

We’re based in Brunswick East in Victoria, and are more than happy to travel out to your event. That’s why we put our business on wheels after all! Bernie is an old man with an old engine, so he doesn't travel faster than 70km/h. For bookings, our standard package includes up to an hour of travel time from Melbourne CBD. Any additional travel time over that hour will be charged per hour, or part there of - at $200 per hour


what equipment / amenities do we need to provide on site? 

Bernie requires a few amenities available on site to operate which are listed below. Note: not all of these would be applicable if we were doing a café service only. 


15amp Power

Bernie has 2 x 15amp plugs in his rear, ready to connect to the mains power on site. If 15amp power is unavailable close to the location we’ll be operating in, we can include generator hire, at an additional fee of $100 for the booking.


Garden hose tap connection

We have supply water tanks on board, however in the event of a longer booking (> 2.5 hours) these tanks may run out of water. If a garden hose tap is available within 20 meters of where we will be operating we can fill up our onboard tanks by plugging in with our hose. 

Wash up area

For bar bookings, we provide all of the glassware as part of our service. To ensure an ongoing supply of sparkling clean glassware for your event we require a dedicated space for our bar staff to collect, wash and polish glassware outside of our van. Some venues will have a commercial glass dishwasher available on site for us to use, however we could easily make do with a sink with hot water supply and sufficient bench space.


how much does it cost to hire bernie?

We have provided 'base package' pricing for our café and bar services on our website, which gives you a good indication of what is included as a minimum. We understand that every event is different, so every service package we provide is tailored to suit your requirements to ensure you're getting exactly what you're after.


If you have an upcoming event please feel free to fill out some basic information on our ‘contact’ form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to provide you with a tailored quote.

how do i book?

If you think Big Shot would be a Big Hit at your event, feel free to get in touch with us through our ‘contact’ form, or shoot an email through to with some details about your event.

We’ll then discuss your event in more detail so that we can firm up an accurate quote for you. To confirm a date and lock in that booking, we require a 50% deposit of the quoted amount. The remaining 50% of the quote is to be paid a minimum of 7 days prior to the event.


are there any cancellation fees? 

In the regrettable instance that an event is cancelled, please note that 50% booking deposits are non-refundable. Our terms and conditions are available upon quoting.   


do you have public liability insurance? 

We sure do! We’re covered for up to $20m.